Step 3: internship request

The next step is to find an internship that suits your profile.

After we receive all of your information, we will begin searching the possibilities for you within in your fields of interest, within a given deadline. It’s important you’re honest about your needs and wishes: be clear in telling us what you want! Your personal consultant will be there to organize a placement in your desired location. The communications will be done in English or Dutch.

Once your consultant has found a company, they will contact you via email explaining you more about the company and providing you with a summary of the internship in case that is available. Often companies would like to discuss the tasks directly with the student in the interview. At this point, we will ask that you discuss the potential internship with your school.

When you’re given a positive response, your personal consultant will schedule a telephone or Skype interview between you and the company.

Once the above details have been arranged, keep the following in mind:

  • The company usually expects the student to call
  • If you’re located in a different time zone, make sure you call at the right time
  • Should there be any problems with you not being able to call, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can reschedule the meeting with the company.

Our experience has shown us that every interview is different.

This partly has to do with the country, city, culture and industry the company is based in. To better prepare yourself for the interview, here are a few basic tips to keep in mind, when you prepare for the interview:

  • Visit the company website and try to get a good grasp of exactly what they do
  • Go through your résumé and try to adjust the ‘Experience’ section to fit their profile
  • Try your best to actively think of what you expect of them, and vice-versa
  • The company would probably like to know why you’ve chosen them for your internship
  • If they're concerned for your arrangements (finances, visa, accommodation, etc), you can let them know that we are assisting you with those aspects of your journey
  • Think of a few things you’d like to know about your potential internship. Ask questions. This is a good way to show that you're genuinely interested and you’ll receive  information that’ll come in handy on the first day of your internship.

After your interview, you can get back in touch with your personal consultant to give them your assessment of the conversation. Once this has been done, they will be in touch with the company to discuss the outcome. When the company and student both agree on the internship and related matters, your personal consultant will help you to get a final approval from your school if necessary.

If the student or company decides not to go through with the internship opportunity, then your personal consultant will continue the search for your next potential internship. Please keep in mind that it is not possible to continue looking for another internship once you have agreed to become an intern at a company.