Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions? Perhaps they have been answered in our FAQ already.


Can anyone apply for an internship?

At this stage we can only find you an internship abroad if you’re an EU citizen. We found that (companies and) students often experience difficulties (by hiring non-EU students/interns) because of visa regulations. Hopefully one day that’ll change.

What is the best time frame to apply for an internship through Abroad Internships?

Yay! Your decision to intern abroad is a good one. The sooner you apply, the better. In general, it will take us around 4 to 6 weeks to find you a position matching your wishes. Sometimes we can find a place sooner than that, and sometimes it takes a bit longer. We do recommend to apply around 3 months before the start date so we can make sure there is enough time to make all the arrangements.

How much time does Abroad Internships need for further procedures?

We need a minimum of 4 weeks to arrange the internship for you. To arrange all the other things (housing, travel etc.) around the internship we will need about 2 to 3 weeks. However, some visa applications will take about 1 to 2 months to get through, so start early. At our ‘countries’ pages you can find the visa information for each country, including the time frames of the applications. Depending on where you live, you will see in which countries you do need a visa and in which ones you do not.

In which fields of study can Abroad Internship find me a position?

Abroad Internships can help you to find a position abroad in almost every field of study. It is important you tell us the requirements of your study and for you to explain us your personal wishes, so that we can make the perfect match and find you the best possible internship.

When can I start searching for an internship?

You are always welcome! Abroad Internships can find you internship positions all year round. It is important to apply in time so we have sufficient time to arrange everything.

Can Abroad Internships also arrange research/graduate positions?

Yes, we offer the possibility of doing a graduate position or a duo internship at a company abroad. We do recommend to fill out as many requirements on our application form so we can make you the best match.

Can Abroad Internships also arrange internships that aren’t on the vacancy page on the website?

Yes, our internships page only shows a small range of our available positions. We have many more options. 

Are all countries possible with Abroad Internships?

Abroad Internships can help to realise an internship at the location of your dreams. On some locations we have a great deal of experience and of some places we know a bit less. Are you interested in a country or city not mentioned on our website? Just sent us an email.

Is it also possible to do an internship for a longer or shorter period of time?

Yes, that is no problem for us. Just let us know. We offer positions in the range of 4 weeks to 1 year. Most common is 3-5 months. We also recommend you to do an internship of at least three months to get more responsibilities during the internship. 

Can I also do an internship together with a friend or classmate in the same company?

Yes, but not at all companies. When this is not possible we try to make you an intern at a company in the same neighbourhood, so you can still be housemates. Please let us know in time if you want to intern together in your application.

Are there any paid positions abroad?

Most internships abroad are unpaid. Do keep this in mind so you can start to save money in time, or so you can apply for a scholarship. There are some exceptions, but the salary is almost never high enough to pay for all of your living expenses.

What happens if I do not like the internship or when the level of the position is too low?

First of all, it is important to let us know in time that you’re experiencing problems. This way we can help you without wasting any time. If there is not anything we can do about the situation within the company, we try to arrange a new position within 2 or 3 weeks. Do note that it does often take a while to get used to working in a different country. Therefor we always ask the student to hang on for at least two weeks and to speak about it with your supervisor. 

Do I get a quality internship?

Yes, the quality of your internship is most important for Abroad Internships! We keep in touch with all of our past interns and companies to make sure the positions we offer are good places for you to learn and grow. Some countries might be a little different than you’re used to in some areas, but we will notify you about this.

What will it costs me if Abroad Internships cannot find me a good position?

If we do not find a position which matches your requirements and wishes you will receive the deposit back within 5 business days. The only costs you will have are the € 35, - administration costs which we deduct from the paid deposit. You get more information about it when you contact Abroad Internships. If you need more information you can always take a look at our terms and conditions.  

Can Abroad Internships guarantee me a position when I apply?

Unfortunately we cannot give you a 100% guarantee. Our mission is to find all students a matching position but we are always depending on other parties. We do our ultimate best to find you a fun and fitting internship! Just keep in mind that it will take a bit of time.

Paid Internships

What is my salary in case of a paid internship?

We can’t let you know the amount of pay beforehand; this is up to the company. Some companies do pay for your ticket, housing or travel expenses in case they don't pay money, but this rarely happens. Most of the time there’s no compensation. This way though, you can fully focus on thinking of a position that’s perfect for you in every way.


Is it possible to have a part time job when I am on location for an internship?

In most countries it is possible to work on your visa as well: super handy! Getting to know the local culture while you earn some money too. Unfortunately having a job on the side is not possible in the US. In Australia and New Zealand, you can work if you have a Working Holiday visa.

Home Sick

What should I do if I get home sick?

Homesick? Nothing to be embarrassed about. Most students abroad experience this, far away from friends and family. The best way to handle this, is probably to share your thoughts with others. Your new foreign friends will probably all understand what you’re dealing with. A moment of stressing together is perfectly normal. For other tips you can always contact your consultant too. We will try to help you in any way possible. 

What if I cannot stay at my internship because of personal reasons (home sick, sickness, etc.).Would it be possible to get a refund?

It’s always a pity when you have to leave your internship address early because of personal reasons. Please, in case you have to leave, inform your host company about it, as well as your university and us. In case it has something to do with sickness you need to inform your insurance company too. We know that home-sickness often fades away after a while. We would definitely like to help you with that matter before you decide to quit. Unfortunately we are not able to refund in case of personal reasons. 

Payment Abroad Internships

When do I have to pay Abroad Internships?

The first payment is the deposit. You will have to pay this before we start the procedure. We do this to make sure your request is sincere, as we’ll be starting to work for you immediately. The total payment will have to be paid once the internship position is accepted by you and the company, and if needed, your college/University. This payment happens before the signed contract is sent out.


How do I know if my insurance agency covers me the whole period abroad?

We collaborate with a company called InsureToStudy. We have had good experiences in the past with InsureToStudy and their conditions in combination with the prices are the best as far as we know. They are specialized in insurances for students and interns abroad. They offer three different types of insurances, depending on where you are from and going to. You get one insurance that covers many things, such as accidents, luggage, emergencies, liability (even for damage at the internship address) and legal aid. Also medical expenses are included at the European and Master plan. Fill out the code ‘ABROAD2016’ if you apply or ask us about InsureToStudy and we will help you further.