What can Abroad Internships do for a company?

Abroad Internships cooperates with many companies all over world. We are always looking forward to start new collaborations.

The past

Abroad Internships was founded in 2008 to help students find their desired internship abroad. We began placing Dutch students at an American company and ever since have grown, sending students from all over the globe to worldwide destinations. 

The present

Over the past few years we have gained a lot of knowledge on matching the right candidates to the right companies and organisations. That’s the reason numerous companies make the choice to keep coming back to Abroad Internships. For them, we find the best interns for the best company positions. Nowadays we collaborate with over 1.000 companies in 33 countries. We get more than 400 applications from students every year looking forward to gain work-experience at your company/organisation.

The future

Over the past years we received the feedback from many companies who found it an enrichment to work with international students. We don't work with strict or killer contracts, only with gentlemen agreements.  Would you like to work with international students? Let us know and we will tell you everything about it! 

Personal & Professional service

These are the benefits for you as a company. 

  • Cultural experience and international knowledge 
  • We help you and the student with the visa application 
  • We advice students to find accommodation
  • We advice the student to get the proper insurance  
  • We search for interns – and save you time and money