Step by Step

Abroad Internships operates in a fixed manner. The process is divided into four different steps. Through this method it is easy to keep track of what is left to do and what has been done already.

The basic principle for us is to find a suitable company that best meets your needs.

Abroad Internships will:

  • Check and improve your CV and motivation letter where needed
  • Provide you with an internship
  • Provide you with a filled out and signed internship contract (provided that you have received one from school)

Besides that we will help with the following:

  • Explanation and assistance in applying for your visa
  • Insurance 
  • Help you with finding accommodation
  • Opening a bank account (on request)
  • Flights (on request)
  • Study funding (on request)
  • Scholarships (on request)

To be prepared as well as possible; the above matters should be arranged before you actually catch a plane towards your internship destination. During your internship Abroad Internships will be there for you if you need us. We encourage you to read through the step-by-step plan on the website, so you are well informed on our procedures.

We provide internships in almost every country available. If you have doubts about the choice of your country, then please send an email with your question. 

To ensure that everything is clear and the desired result is achieved, we make use of a step-by-step plan. The plan that we use is divided into four separate steps. Read all steps carefully. Through this method you will know exactly what to expect. The four steps are:

  1. Application
  2. Deposit
  3. Internship request
  4. Closing

Click on one of the steps above to see what each step contains. If you have any questions about the roadmap of how we work, please contact us.