The Abroad Internships team

Who are working to find you a perfect experience abroad? Meet our team!

Abroad Internships is a mediation agency for internships abroad. We help students to realise their dream internship or graduation position abroad. We do not focus on one specific country or location, so you can always contact us for a particular desired destination. We have lots of contacts and a ton of different positions in a variety of cities and countries.


We offer motivated students the ideal internship at a location of their desires. We find the best match for every individual student between the company, the field of study, the country and city of the placement. We wish all the students we send abroad as much life-experience as they can get. 

We can't do this without our awesome team. We help the student wherever we can and beyond to make sure everything goes smoothly and students make the best out of their short amount of time abroad.

We love working hard, adventure and working with a personal touch. We all have had this experience abroad, now it’s your turn!


To become the market leader in a world where every student (rich or poor) will have the opportunity to go abroad to follow an internship. 


Keep making sure all students get an internship placement where they will learn as much as possible. Not just working experience but also life-experience, independency and personal development.