The Abroad Internships team

Who are working to find you a perfect experience abroad? Meet our team!

Abroad Internships is a mediation agency for internships abroad. We help students to realise their dream internship or graduation position abroad. We do not focus on one specific country or location, so you can always contact us for a particular desired destination. We have lots of contacts and a ton of different positions in a variety of cities and countries.


We offer motivated students the ideal internship at a location of their desires. We find the best match for every individual student between the company, the field of study, the country and city of the placement. We wish all the students we send abroad as much life-experience as they can get. 

We can't do this without our awesome team. We help the student wherever we can and beyond to make sure everything goes smoothly and students make the best out of their short amount of time abroad.

We love working hard, adventure and working with a personal touch. We all have had this experience abroad, now it’s your turn!


To become the market leader in a world where every student (rich or poor) will have the opportunity to go abroad to follow an internship. 


Keep making sure all students get an internship placement where they will learn as much as possible. Not just working experience but also life-experience, independency and personal development. 

About us

Susanne de Bruin

Founder & All-round consultant

Susanne is The Mothership of Abroad Internships – makes sense, she put in full effort to build the company from scratch. 

With a background in Fashion & Management and a head full of ambition and big dreams, Susanne oversees the team on a daily basis. Enthusiasm and major plans are self-evident. Growth! Dutch, English, Spanish: all available. Susanne herself once travelled to Barcelona for a language trip, she lived in Costa Rica for a year and did an internship in Miami: three experiences, one thought. Go abroad! She would love to try New York, but her heart lies in Australia. Living. There. Please.

  • “EVERYTHING is better and more exciting abroad!”
About us

Kim Daamen

Position: Operations Manager

Once you have spoken to Kim you definitely desire to go abroad for an internship. No matter how old you are. 

Kim recently became our project manager and we like to say that she is ‘the one’. She will become our miss-know-it-all very soon and makes sure you will leave the Netherlands for your internship without any trouble on your mind. Kim knows all about going abroad, actually she is abroad! She was born and raised in Portugal, speaks Portuguese, English, Dutch and Spanish. Impressed? So are we! 

  • "Thinking about going abroad? Don’t hesitate and just do it, you will have the most AMAZING TIME of your life."

Lynn Zomer

Position: Consultant & Social media hero

Lynn, always in a good mood and a friend to talk to. She studied Media, Information and Communication in Amsterdam.

During this time, she went to Oxford for 9 months and met a world of fun people and super amazing experiences there. Afterwards, Lynn left for Asia, for MORE adventure. Now, Sri Lanka and Canada are high on the wish list. Bloody serious to grant others the time of their lives, this one. A talent!

About us
  • “Don’t expect anything and say YES to everything, I’m convinced you’ll make unforgettable memories and meet the loveliest people this way!” 
About us

Sanne van ‘t Slot

Position: Consultant

Sanne always enthusiastically takes on the challenge to find the best internships for you. Totally fan of islands, with New Zealand and Malta also as a specialty at Abroad Internships.

Which is no surprise either! Sanne herself also went for the internship adventure during her study Communication Sciences. In New Zealand! She fell in love with nature, Hoky Poky ice cream and of course also bit with the Kiwis over there ;-). High on her must visit list right now are Japan, Iceland and Jamaica. Such an active culture explorer!

  • "It is impossible to imagine how special, exciting and wonderful an internship abroad is. So don’t try to imagine it and just welcome the most beautiful surprise of your life."

Anne-Kathrin Schmitz

Positon: Consultant

Anne-Kathrin was born and raised in Germany but she already embraced the Netherlands at a young age (we understand too well ;-)) when she got her Bachelor's degree in International Business & Management in Arnhem.

Later on, she graduated from her Master International Development in Utrecht. And fell in love with Utrecht. Recently she became a GREAT addition to this team. She throws her German (and Dutch!) skills into battle and is now working hard on improving her French language too.

Once an explorer always an explorer: Madagascar, Mongolia and Israel are very high on her to-visit list. Let's go!

About us
  • 'The greatest danger to our future is apathy'- Jane Goodall
About us

Milou Quellhorst

Function: Office assistant 

Come meet our newest team member Milou! We are proud this world wanderer recently became our Office Manager. She loves to explore new destinations and likes to tell you EVERYTHING about it.

In the last few years, she travelled over 50(!) countries on 6 out of 7 continents. Her absolute favorite ones? Bolivia, Taiwan and India (FOOD!). Right now only the last continent – Antarctica – is high on her must visit list. Besides having a lot of travel experience, Milou also knows the drill of working in and for international organisations. Like to know what that is like? Ask away!

To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live.” 
― Hans Christian Andersen 


Happiness officer & Security 

Last but not least, this is Boef! Working two jobs at Abroad Internships. She is as well our security guard as our happiness officer. Because she is so busy combining those two jobs she is tired a lot and sleeps mostly during working-hours. We don’t care actually, even when she sleeps she is performing her job as happiness officer.

  • “Woofff”
About us