Terms and conditions

Please read our terms & conditions carefully.

1. Description

1.1 The student: The customer (client) or person for whom the mediation is being performed, the person who has accepted the terms and conditions by returning the application form to Abroad Internships by email. The definition has no relation to the official status and always refers to an individual.

1.2 Internship company: Every internship company that has been in contact with Abroad Internships, with the intention of realizing an internship for the aforementioned student within their company.

1.3 Abroad Internships: The consultant and mediatory organization between the student and the company whose goal is to assist by advising, informing and mediating with the purpose of realizing a contract between the student and the internship company, where both the student and internship company agree upon.

1.4 External organizations: Different service providers worldwide, who are able to provide additional or primary services to Abroad Internships. This includes the accommodation, travel agencies and every other company where the student has engaged with to realize an internship through Abroad Internships.

2. General

2.1 The terms and conditions are to be consulted on the website:

2.2 The terms and conditions could be saved or printed by right-clicking on the text and choosing ‘print’. Hereafter, the text could be printed or saved as PDF.

2.3 The terms and conditions could be requested at any time. Send and email to or to your consultant to request them in PDF.

2.4 Abroad Internships v.o.f. (hereafter: “Abroad Internships”) and the person who enters into the agreement (hereafter: "Student" of “Intern”) agree to a collaboration with the aim of completing all tasks by mutual agreement on the basis of the terms and conditions and the prices as shown on the website ( The general service conditions and price lists are valid and exclusive.

2.5 Abroad Internships is not responsible for any extra costs that a student may be incurred via external organizations, whether or not caused by price increases. The fees of Abroad Internships are all-inclusive for all the services mentioned in the step-by-step guide. Discounts on the rates are not given under any circumstances.

2.6 Abroad Internships is not responsible for any costs made due to the preparation regarding the internship, for example but not limited too transportation, visa, insurances and/or accommodation, whether or not the internship already has been confirmed.

2.7 Abroad Internships is only liable for actually demonstrable damage ,suffered directly by the student, where loss of profit, trading loss, image damage and injury damage are expressly excluded. The liability of Abroad Internships is also limited to the solely paid amount of the invoiced fee on the moment that she has been held liable

2.8 The student agrees that all communication, but not limited to the invoice and automatically sent reminder invoices, are done by email. The student is responsible for the fact that the invoice is actually received by email. This can not rely on possible spam filters and / or an invalid or incorrect email address for billing as possible causes for not having received an invoice.

3. The procedure and official contract

3.1.1 After the student filled out the contact form on the website or contacted Abroad Internships for the first time, Abroad Internships will provide the student with detailed information regarding the registration.

3.1.2  The student receives a registration form, templates of a CV and cover letter plus a checklist with a step-by-step plan which briefly describes what activities Abroad Internships can and cannot carry out for the student during the internship mediation.

3.1.3 The information which is forwarded to the student must be considered as a quotation for a specific service at the request of the student. Those conditions point out the terms and conditions and the request to read the terms and conditions very carefully.

3.2.1 Any questions and comments arising from the review of these forms and/or conditions can at all times be asked to Abroad Internships. This is possible by emailing to, by directly contacting the consultant or by using the contact form on the website.

3.2.2 The student confirms that he/she read and understands the terms and conditions of Abroad Internships by returning the registration material to Abroad Internships. The student indicates by sending the forms to Abroad Internships that he/she accepts the terms and conditions and agrees.

3.2.3 The student and Abroad Internships have not yet entered into any agreement after returning/receiving the terms and conditions, other than accepting these terms and conditions.

3.3 The student bears the responsibility for the correct and truthful completion of all forms. Changes could be sent by e-mail via

3.4 We recommend that the student registers no later than two months before the start date of the internship via OR contacts Abroad Internships to see if there are any options in the shorter term. (Please note: take into account the visa applications, the relevant application procedure and that the time required to process varies per country). Find more information under the ‘deadlines’ section.

3.5.1 The internships provided by Abroad Internships are intended for students who are 18 years and older on the start date of the internship.

3.5.2 Students who are not 18 yet on the start date need permission from a parent or guardian, who should contact Abroad Internships personally.

3.5.3 In the case of 3.5.2 all further procedures such as contracts, payments and confirmations will be followed in consultation with the parent or guardian.

3.5.4 In the case of 3.5.2, at least one parent/ guardian must sign and agree with the general terms and conditions of Abroad Internships.

3.6 Students who register with one or more friends will be treated as separate registrations. Abroad Internships cannot guarantee that the students can be placed in the same company. If one student is placed and the other is not, the one who has the internship placement will receive a final invoice. See paragraph 10 for more information regarding the final invoice.

3.7 Students who enrol must be available for interviews during the entire procedure. The interviews are of course scheduled in consultation with the student and company. The student has to take into account the time differences and that he/ she sometimes can have a Skype call in the break/ lesson/ evening/ weekend. Often the student can discuss with a teacher that he/ she has an internship interview at the same time as the lesson. Obviously we do our best to find a suitable moment for both parties.

4. Qualification process

4.1.1 The qualification process is an internal process of Abroad Internships and depends on the quality and content of the application material. The application material includes the application form, CV and cover letter of the student that is send to

4.1.2 Abroad Internships has the right to request references from the student and to approach them in order to check whether a student possesses the necessary qualifications.

4.1.3 The criteria for the selection are the common assessment based on the school and university ranks, extracurricular activities, internships, work experience and experiences abroad.

4.2 If the student is below a certain level of quality, then Abroad Internships will not continue the mediation and the process will be terminated. Abroad Internships informs the student about this.

4.3.1 If the student has the necessary qualities but the application material is not sufficient, incomplete or not usable, Abroad Internships will inform the student about this.

4.3.2 If the student passes through the qualification process without any problems, the application procedure will be continued and Abroad Internships will send the deposit invoice to the student. At this moment, neither student nor Abroad Internships has any agreement with each other.

4.4.1 Abroad Internships is allowed to put the registration material in the Abroad Internships business format and make (minor) adjustments with the aim of improving the mediation process. Abroad Internships will discuss this with a student, but is not obliged to do so.

4.4.2 Changes and in-depth revision/ feedback of the registration material will be carried out by Abroad Internships after the deposit payment is done, as mentioned in point 5 of the terms and conditions. See also paragraph 6.2.2.

5. Deposit

5.1 At the moment that Abroad Internships has confirmed that the student has qualified for mediation, an email with a deposit invoice will be send to the student.

5.2.1 The deposit invoice - regardless of the desired destination location - consists of an amount of 235,00 euros. This amount must be paid to the bank details as indicated on the invoice.

5.2.2 Part of the deposit is an amount of 35,00 euros in administrative costs. These costs are non-refundable.

5.3.1 The deposit is paid at the moment that Abroad Internships has received the entire amount of the deposit invoice of 235,00 euro.

5.3.2 When the deposit payment is done by the student and/ or parent, the student agrees with the cooperation and mediation of the internship by Abroad Internships.

5.3.3 With the payment of the deposit invoice, the student confirms once again to understand and to agree with the conditions of Abroad Internships.

5.3.4 Abroad Internships officially starts the mediation process when the deposit invoice is paid and the correct application material is received and accepted. In addition, at this moment the deadline of at least four weeks to find an internship for the student will start.  More information under paragraph 'Deadline'.

6. Deadline

6.1 On the application form, the student can indicate a deadline for Abroad Internships to find him/ her an internship.

6.2.1 The deadline must include at least a period of 1 calendar month.

6.2.2 The minimum deadline of 1 calendar month starts at the moment that Abroad Internships receives the deposit payment to its bank account and all correct registration materials are held by Abroad Internships.

6.2.3 If a shorter deadline is discussed than the whole calendar month mentioned in the general terms and conditions, the written rules discussed apply.

6.3 A deadline for a longer period of time could be discussed. The more time Abroad Internships will have to find that perfect matching internship.

6.4 The deadline is online the given time for the search of the internship. Note that for some countries you will need to calculate time for the visa application which might take while.

7. Refund policies deposit

7.1.1 In the only case that Abroad Internship is not able to propose an internship within the given deadline given by the student on the application form will the deposit, minus 35 euro of administration costs, be refunded. This is not the case if the give deadline is less than the in article 6.2.1 mentioned period, in this case the deposit will under no circumstances be refunded.

7.1.2 When the student cancels the mediation after having paid the deposit due to a serious illness or a family matter like a death in the 1st or 2th degree, Abroad Internships will refund the deposit minus 35 euro of administration costs. In both cases the student will need to discuss formal written proof about the matter, like a signed doctor's statement which can be checked.

7.1.3 In any cases not mentioned in 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 the deposit will under no circumstances be refunded.

7.1.4 If the internship is not approved by the University or school Abroad Internship will start the search for a new internship. The student will need to sent Abroad Internships a written statement explaining the reason for not the disapproval of the internship. Abroad Internships is allowed to contact the study advisor/study coach in this case. The deadline will be renewed with the number of days the University or school needed to approve the internship.

7.1.5 When the student will get a refund of the deposit he/she will need to sent the personal bank details to abroad internships within 6 weeks of time so Abroad Internships can do the payment.

7.2.1 If the deadline has past and the student will set a new deadline together with Abroad Internships there is no possibility of receiving a refund when the new deadline is not met. This is also the case when the student has found an internship him/herself.

7.3 There is no option to speak about a discount if the student decides to relong the mediation procedure after the deadline is met.

8. Cancel/on hold of the mediation agreement

8.1 When the student is not able to reply or be reached by phone within the maximum of 5 days after the last contact moment from Abroad Internships or the offered internship company, Abroad Internships is able to cancel the mediation agreement. If this is the case the student is not able to receive a refund on the deposit. This applies regardless of the set date of the deadline.

8.2 If the student discusses a time of absence or being not a easily reached during a certain amount of time Abroad Internships will discuss the best way of working together. The student is obligated to discuss this with Abroad Internships upfront. For example due to vacation or illness. If the student is not available for multiple times without a given reason upfront for interviews or intakes Abroad Internships is allowed to not refund the deposit. The student will be notified by email upfront.

8.3 The student is obligated to inform Abroad Internships if the student decides to cancel the mediation agreement before the give deadline for another reason as discussed in our terms and conditions. The student and Abroad Internships will discuss the next steps of the cancellation. The deposit will not be refunded and the mediation agreement will be cancelled unless this is discussed differently in writing.

8.4 Abroad Internships expects input and a professional attitude of the student.  Abroad Internships reserves the right to terminate the agreement if the student does not appear / arrives late on scheduled applications or demonstrably shows no / a bad motivation.

8.5 In the event that Abroad Internships hears more than once from companies that something is wrong with the attitude / motivation of the student, Abroad Internships will contact the student to discuss further steps. Depending on the situation, Abroad Internships reserves the right to terminate the agreement without returning the deposit.

9. Acceptance criteria

9.1 Abroad Internships works really hard to find a suitable, educational and fun internship for a student. In case a proposed internship is not suitable, the student needs to indicate the reasons for that clearly at Abroad Internships. Based on that we are able to offer a better next proposal.  

9.2 A maximum of 3 (three) complete and matching internship-offer is within the service of Abroad Internships. These offers are sequential, which means that the student must accept or reject per offer. If more than 3 internship offers are requested Abroad Internships will add 50 euro including taxes on every additional offer.

9.3 Under the contractual conditions, it concerns the agreements made between the student and the company and for which Abroad Internships has no responsibility whatsoever. This includes agreements made on business hours, compensations/salary, geographic flexibility, internship goals, behaviour on the company floor and potential termination. Abroad Internships has the right to inform about the motivation, behaviour and presence with the internship company to mediate in case any problems might occur.

9.4 A suitable internship means that the country and city, the internship company, the department, the internship tasks, and the number of hours correspond with the wishes and requirements of the student. The reasons below are not considered valid to base an internship rejection on.

  • Internship compensation – in any form
  • The environment/neighborhood of the office
  • Travel time is too long (a travel time of one hour can be expected)
  • Internship hours within the evening or weekends
  • The companies’ sector is not that nice
  • Lack of other interns at the company
  • Man/woman that the student was doing the interview with was too late

10. Final Payment

10.1.1 After receiving the written confirmation from the student and the company that the internship and the intern are accepted, the student receives the final payment or final invoice. This invoice is the total fee of the country (see minus the amount of the deposit.

10.1.2 When the internship is confirmed by the student – this could be before the school officially approves the internship – the final invoice will be sent to the student. In case the school does not approve the internship, Abroad Internships will keep looking for an internship that the school also deems suitable.

10.1.3 If no new internship is found as described in article 10.1.2, the conditions as described in article 7 will apply.

10.2 Unless otherwise agreed between the student and Abroad Internships, the definitive and complete payment has to be paid within seven days after the invoice is sent by Abroad Internships.

10.3.1 In case the final payment has not been paid within seven days after the invoice has been sent by Abroad Internships, Abroad  Internships has the right to charge 25 euro administration costs for every reminder.

10.3.2 When the payment term after the third reminder has expired, Abroad Internships has the right to and will call in a collection agency. This entails extra costs that are legally determined and will be charged to the student.

10.3.3 In case the final invoice remains unpaid, Abroad Internships will inform the internship company where the student signed a contract about the state of affairs. If the internship company decides to terminate/cancel the internship based on this information, the student is still obligated to pay the mediation costs to Abroad Internships.

10.4. In case the student cancels the internship him- or herself before paying the final invoice, the service is virtually delivered. Abroad Internships will still charge 100% of the final payment to the student.

10.5 If, in consultation with the student, a new internship place is found that is different from the internship location on the application form, the student will receive the final invoice of the new country minus the deposit that the student has already paid. The costs per country can be viewed at:

10.6 If a student accepts an internship place after the deadline on the application form has passed, the student still has to pay the final invoice. Abroad Internships does not offer discounts if a deadline is not met.

11. Travel Documents

11.1 It is the student’s responsibility to have the correct travel documents in possession before the start of the internship, such as a valid ID, visa, work permit, and proof of the correct vaccinations. Abroad Internships will provide the student with information about required documents, but requesting, paying and obtaining the documents (on time) is entirely the responsibility of the student.

11.2 When a student is not able to make (parts of) the journey or to extend the journey because of a lack of correct documents, then all consequences are the student’s responsibility.

11.3 Abroad Internships is an internship agency. Abroad Internships always tries to stay up to date on the latest visa regulations of the internship countries. However, Abroad Internships cannot guarantee to always be aware of the newest developments. For the visa application, the student is supposed to read in on the visa application of his or her internship country on the website of the embassy or consulate.

11.4 If an approved internship is not accepted due to the inability to apply for a visa by the company and / or student, Abroad Internships will not return the total invoice.

12. Contract Company/Student

12.1 Abroad Internships supports both the student and the internship company with signing the contracts.

12.2 The internship contract will be signed by the student, the internship company and often by the student’s school. Abroad Internships is not responsible for the content of the contract and possible changes discussed by the company and/or student.

12.3 In case the contract changes in any way, the student is asked to inform Abroad Internship about those changes.

12.4.1 In case of relevant/major changes beyond the students and/or Abroad Internships influence, Abroad Internships will start searching for a new suitable internship for the student. Under no circumstance will Abroad Internships refund. Relevant/major changes beyond the students and/or Abroad Internships influence include:

The internship company goes bankrupt
The internship company decides to terminate the contract unexpectedly
The internship company relocates/moves to a different city or country

12.5 Abroad Internships cannot be held liable for changes in the contract that are made by the internship company, school or student. However, Abroad Internships will always try to find a solution for occurring challenges.

12.6.1 If it appears that Abroad Internship has provided wrong information to the student, the student has the possibility of claiming back his/her deposit. For instance if it has been communicated that an internship is located in a desired city and it eventually turns out that the location of the internship is outside the desired city.

12.6.2 In case of 12.6.1, the student must report the change/error to Abroad Internships immediately.

12.6.3 Abroad Internships will be given at least two weeks of time to mediate a new internship for the student before the student has a right to claim reimbursement of the deposit.

12.7 When the student makes big changes to the internship more than four weeks after the starting date, the student is responsible for all consequences and the cooperation between Abroad Internships and the student will be considered invalid. In this case, no party has any responsibilities and the student cannot claim the return of any payments. The student is required to inform Abroad Internship about all such changes because Abroad Internships tries to support the student where possible.

12.8.1 If the student wants to switch less than 4 weeks after the start of the internship, this must be done in consultation with Abroad Internships and be a well-considered decision. Before looking for new internships, Abroad Internships should be given the opportunity to speak to the internship company and / or school about the current situation. Abroad Internships strongly advises against stopping the current internship before a new/alternative internship is found, if this does happen Abroad Internships reserves the right to not compensate. Under the following circumstances Abroad Internships helps to find a new internship:

A spoken language within the company is different than expected
There are more trainees/interns than supervisors
There appears to be a culture of intimidation and/or discrimination

13. Termination by the internship company itself

13.1 In the event of the internship company terminating the contract between the company and the student as a result of the attitude or behaviour of the student, Abroad Internships has no further obligations. The contracts as well as the reason for the dismissal are the responsibility of the two parties that have signed the contract. In this case there is no possibility of reimbursement from Abroad Internships.

13.2 If the internship company terminates the contract between the company and the student as a result of internal business reasons and not on the basis of the student's behaviour, Abroad Internships will try to realize a similar internship for the student as soon as possible. No extra costs are incurred for the student, nor can Abroad Internships be held (financially) liable for this.

13.3 If the internship company decides to terminate or cancel the contract due to the student’s behaviour, and the student requests Abroad Internship to support him/her in finding a new internship company, the mediation process will start from beginning, including the associated costs as stated on the website on Abroad Internships website.

14. Abroad Internships service

14.1 Abroad Internships is an internship agency. The prices that Abroad Internships maintains consist solely of mediating an internship. Abroad Internships is happy to play a facilitating role and provide help and advice on other services such as information about the visa, accommodation, tickets and other administrative acts. The advice is an extra service. However, the student is obviously required to show initiative and to obtain information about additional matters (such as the visa application) him/herself as well.

14.2.1 In the period that Abroad Internships is engaged in the mediation, Abroad Internships cannot be held responsible for any legal consequence or any liability arising from the cooperation with Abroad Internships.

14.2.2 Abroad Internships cannot be held responsible for agreements made between the student, school and the internship company and for the role of being a mediator between these parties. Abroad Internships is under no circumstances responsible for the costs incurred by the student.

14.3 Abroad Internships gives no guarantee, neither explicitly nor tacitly, that an internship can be found for the student. However, approximately 97% of the enrolled students will receive an internship as desired.

14.4.1 In case the mediation fails, paragraph 7 is applicable.

14.4.2 Abroad Internships cannot be held responsible in any way whatsoever for the consequences that arise from a failing or non-succeeding mediation.

14.4.3 Abroad Internships cannot be held responsible for receiving incorrect information from the internship company and / or student.

14.5 All complaints relating to the internship must be reported immediately to Abroad Internships. Abroad Internships will take complaints very serious and with great priority and will act accordingly and in line with these terms and conditions.

14.6 In the event that the student impedes the work of Abroad Internships by providing incorrect information, deliberately disrupting the implementation of a program or hindering the achievement of the desired goal within the time frame described above, extra costs can be added to the total invoice. The amount of these extra costs is determined by Abroad Internships.

14.7 In the event that an internship is not accepted by the student's study program due to incorrect / timely communication of the internship company and / or the cooperation with Abroad Internships, the student will not be entitled to a refund.

14.8. Should the applicant use the contact details of (potential) internship companies for his/her own gain or share the contacts with third parties (other persons or organizations), Abroad Internships has the right to charge the student the costs of a complete internship mediation as well as the costs of the damage suffered.

14.9 With the student’s permission, Abroad Internships has the right to use photos/videos via Social Media and additionally use the material for other promotional purposes - offline and online. The copyright holder of the photo can at any point request that the photo / video will be taken offline again or cannot be used in the future. In that case, Abroad Internships takes the photo / video out of the system. The copyright holder/ owner of the photo cannot claim any expenses or income relating to the material.

The terms and conditions can be requested via The previous version, valid until March 1 2018, can be requested by email as well.