Terms and conditions

Please read our terms & conditions carefully.

1. Description

1.1 Student: The customer or  person for whom the mediation is being performed and the person who have accepted the terms and conditions via the Terms and Conditions form, sent to Abroad Internships. The definition has nothing to do with the official status and always refers to a single person. The student agrees with the communication, billing and automatic reminders through email. The responsibility that the invoice through email actually arrives lies with the student. He/she cannot appeal to any possible spam filters and/or no valid billing email address that could possibly be the cause of the non-arrival of an invoice.

1.2 Internship company: Every acknowledged internship company, where Abroad Internships have contacted, with the intention of realizing an internship for the aforementioned student within their company. The conditions of the contract between the student and the company are not the responsibility of Abroad Internships. This includes working hours, compensation, geographical flexibility, internship purpose, behavior on the workplace, and possible termination. Abroad Internships has the right to regularly inquire about the motivation, behavior and performance of the student who is placed in the internship and to mediate should any problems arise.

1.3 Abroad Internships: The consultant and the mediatory organization between the student and the company. Abroad Internships core task is to assist by advising, informing and mediating with the purpose of realizing a contract between the student and the internship company.

1.4 External organizations: Different service providers, who are able to provide additional or primary services to Abroad Internships. This includes the accommodation, travel agencies and every other company where the student has engaged with to realize an internship through Abroad Internships. The conditions of these contracts, including payment, etc. are individual agreements between the student and the external organization and are under no condition visible or the responsibility of Abroad Internships.

2. General

2.1 Abroad Internships v.o.f. (named “Abroad Internships” in the following text) and the person who enters into the agreement ("Student") agrees to a partnership in order to complete all tasks with the basis of the terms & conditions and the prices mentioned on the website (, with mutual approval. Our general service conditions and price lists are valid and exclusive. If any claims or demands made by the student against or differ from the terms & conditions, we will not consider these, as long as both parties have not confirmed in written form.

2.2 Abroad Internships is not responsible for any extra costs that a student may be incurred via external organizations. Abroad Internships considers no demands relating to discounts or payments, when students make use of external organizations or supply information, since they are not considered a part of their service as seen in 1.3 and 1.4. This includes visa information, or any other information that the students find out themselves. This also includes payments for transport, searching of information, etc.

2.3 Under no condition will there be payments made towards students, who have organized transport or accommodation before receiving an official confirmation from Abroad Internships, that the student has been hired in the city of choice. This is an individual decision of the student; the student is therefore solely responsible for all financial consequences that are connected to a premature booking of external organizations without having received an official confirmation about the location and internship program from Abroad Internships.

2.4 The terms and conditions can be read on the website;

3 The procedure and the official contract

3.1 After filling out the contact form on the website with name, email address, phone number and Skype name, Abroad Internships will respond through email or phone and send along a more detailed application form to the student as well as the other documentation that the student will need at the introduction. This must be seen as a tender for a specific service at the request of the student in the contact form.

3.2 The student accepts the cooperation by sending back the enrollment to By pressing the send button in the e-mail application the agreement will be sent and accepted by Abroad Internships.

3.3 The student is expected to have read and understood the terms and conditions in every aspect and has agreed with the conditions before officially accepting. If any questions remain unanswered, the student can contact Abroad Internships via

3.4 The student is responsible for correctly answering all forms truthfully. Changes can be passed on by email via

3.5 We advise that students register through no later then two months before the ideal starting date of the internship OR contacts Abroad Internships to see if there are any short term possibilities available.

3.6 Internships from Abroad Internships are for students over 18 years from the start date of the internship. Students that are less than 18 years old at the start date of the internship need permission from a parent or guardian, who personally contacts Abroad Internships. In such cases, all further processes like contracts, payments and confirmations are communicated with the parent or guardian.

4. Qualification process

4.1 The qualification process is an internal process of Abroad Internships, which is dependant on the quality and content of the application form and the enrollment material (CV, cover letter and possible references) of the student that have been submitted to Abroad Internships.
The criteria for the selection are the common assessment based on the school and university ranks, extracurricular activities, internships, work experience and experiences abroad. If the enrollment material is insufficient, incomplete or not usable then Abroad Internships will inform the student. Where possible, both parties will correct the material. Abroad Internships is allowed to put the information in a different format and make minor adjustments.  If the student is below a certain level of quality, then Abroad Internships will not continue the mediation and the process will be terminated. Both parties will have no more responsibilities at that moment.

5. Deposit

5.1 The moment that Abroad Internships have confirmed that the student qualifies for mediation, the student will make a deposit of 235 euro to the bank details as indicated on the invoice. The invoice will be sent by email as soon as the application form, along with the resume and cover letter of the student are received. The deposit is the official signature that Abroad Internships will start the mediation and the student agrees to the collaboration. The deposit will eventually be deducted of the total price as the student and the internship company has agreed on the placement.

5.2 If Abroad Internships is unable to find an internship for the student within the given deadline on the application form, the deposit will be returned minus 35 euro. This refund will not take place if the student after three correct internship possibilities is given, that suffice to the demands that the student in the application form and in the email contact have brought forward, decides not to proceed.  In case the student retreats because of personal reasons, the deposit will not be repaid. When the student does not respond in a timely matter to e-mails or phone calls, within a maximum of 5 days after the last contact moment, to realize the internship the deposit will not be repaid. When a student is poorly accessible for a period of time, the student can communicate this towards Abroad Internships. Even when no internship is found by Abroad Internships and Abroad Internships have tried to get in touch to repay the deposit, the student has to supply the needed information within six weeks so Abroad Internships is able to return the deposit.

5.2.1 If the given deadline from the student to Abroad Internships is less than 4 weeks time to realize an internship, then the deposit will not be repaid in the case of not having found a suitable internship placement.

5.2.2 After searching for the first internship, it may be rejected and will be sought for a second company for the student. When Abroad Internships starts searching for a second company, the amount of the subscription is no longer reimbursed. Assuming that the offered internship met the requirements.

5.3 If the student has to stop the mediation after the deposit is paid because of illness or circumstances in the family (death 1st and 2nd degree relative), Abroad Internships will return the deposit payment minus 35 euro. In both cases, the student must provide a written proof to Abroad Internships. Abroad Internships reserves the right to determine whether the document is sufficient and a valid reason. Unsubscribing because the student has changed opinion, study or insufficient amount credits do not count as a valid reason for recovering the deposit.

5.4 If the student cancels the mediation after paying the deposit for any reason not mentioned in 5.2 and 5.3, Abroad Internships will have to be notified by the student to discuss any future actions. Abroad Internships has the right to keep the deposit and to terminate the contract.

6. Final payment

6.1 Unless otherwise agreed between the two parties, the final payment of the price for the internship site, as seen on, minus the deposit has to be paid within seven days after the invoice is sent by Abroad Internships.

6.1.1 The final invoice will be send the moment that the student and the internship company agreed on the internships. This will be confirmed through email.

6.2 In case the final payment has not been paid within seven days after the invoice has been sent by Abroad Internships, Abroad  Internships has the right to an extra allowance of 7 euro for every reminder. After the third reminder Abroad Internships has the right to immediately terminate the agreement and both parties will have no further responsibilities. In case the student has not paid after the third reminder, but the contracts have been signed, Abroad Internships has the right to turn towards a collection agency for the final payment. Any extra costs will be made on behalf of the student. Abroad Internships is in the case of not receiving the final payment entitled to cancel the internship.

6.3 In case the student decides to cancel the internship after the final payment has been made and before the internship has started as the result of severe illness or death in the near family, Abroad Internships will repay the final payment with a deduction of the deposit to the student. In both cases a written proof needs to be send to Abroad Internships citing his inability to continue working. Abroad Internships reserves the right to determine whether the document is sufficient and a valid reason.

7. Travel documents

7.1 It is the responsibility of the student to be in possession of the correct travel documentation before the internships starts, like a valid identity card, visa, work permit and proof of appropriate vaccinations. Abroad Internships will inform the student about all required travel documents, but the request, payment and obtaining the documents is entirely the responsibility of the student.

7.2 When the student is not capable of making the trip or parts of the trip because of the lack of the correct documentation, all consequences are solely the responsibility of the student.

8. Changes to the internship once the student has started the internship.

8.1 The student has the right to change details of the internship description and to discuss with the supervisor when the training has begun.

8.2 Small changes contain: changes with respect to the start/end date of the placement, position within the company, subject of the research, or others can change during the internships. Small changes require the student to remain in the same company at the same location. These agreements must be communicated to Abroad Internships directly and have no financial implications for all parties involved.

8.3 Major changes contain: changing location, company, or cancelling the internship if it has already begun and the student has agreed to the placement through Abroad Internships. The student is required to terminate the contract between the student and the internship company.

8.3.1 Major changes (see 8.3), done in the first four weeks of the internship, could lead to the return of the deposit, if they are based on wrong information that has been provided by Abroad Internships to the student. This includes internship description, location, and other business. It is up to Abroad Internships to decide whether the reason for the major change is based on the truth. When a major change is made after the first four weeks of the internship and the information given by Abroad Internships was not correct, then the student working with Abroad Internships can decide to stop mediation and take back the deposit or continue with Abroad Internships and find an alternative placement together. If the alternative has a higher price, then the student will pay the difference. When the alternative is lower in price Abroad Internships will not repay the difference in price.

8.3.2 When the student makes big changes (8.3) to the internships more than four weeks after the starting date, the student is responsible for all consequences and the cooperation between Abroad Internships and the student will be considered invalid. In this case, no party has any responsibilities and the student is not entitled to the return of the payments.

8.4 When the student must cancel the internships due to illness or death in the direct family, the student can do this throughout the entire internship period and Abroad Internships will return the deposit. In both cases, written proof needed. Furthermore, Abroad Internships has the right to evaluate whether the proof is a sufficient reason to quit the internship. It is up to the student to the placement contract with the company than to break.

9. Termination by the internship company itself.

9.1 In the event that the internship company terminates the contract between the company and the student as the result of misbehavior from the student, then Abroad Internships has no further obligations since the contracts as well as the reason for the dismissal is only the responsibility of the two signing parties. In this case there is no possibility of the return of money from Abroad Internships.

9.2 If the internship company terminates the contract prematurely between the internship company and the student based on internal reasons and not based on the behavior of the student, Abroad Internships will try to find a similar internship as soon as possible for the student. This will be free of all costs for the collaborating parties.

10. Abroad Internship service

10.1 In the period Abroad Internships is engaged in mediation, it assumes no responsibility or liability for any legal consequences that may arise from the collaboration with Abroad Internships. Abroad Internships accepts no responsibility for the agreements made between the student and the internship company and function as a mediator between the two parties.

10.2 Abroad Internships gives no warranty, express or implied, that when the registration is completed an internship is guaranteed. History has shown that 90% of the students are more than satisfied with their placement, but there is no guarantee. In cases where mediation fails, 5.2 becomes relevant. Given that Abroad Internships received false information from the internship company, Abroad Internships is not responsible for payments according to 8.3.1. The implementation of each part of the agreement, are the risk and expense of the student. Abroad Internships offers a free mediation in case of problems.

10.3 All complaints regarding the internship must be reported immediately to Abroad Internships; Abroad Internships will place these complaints in the correct category as 8.1 to 8.4 or 9.1 to 9.2.

10.4 In the case that the student hampers the work of Abroad Internships by providing false information, deliberately disturbing the implementation of a program or stressing results despite the inscribed timeframe in 5.2., Additional costs to the total invoice will be calculated. These additional payments are determined by Abroad Internships.

10.5 Should the applicant provide contact information for potential placement companies for personal gain (e.g. by agreeing on a work placement outside Abroad Internships) or shares this data to people or organizations other than has Abroad Internships, Abroad Internships has the right to charge the cost of complete internship mediation and gained reputation damage on to the customer.

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