Step 2: deposit

Because a lot of time and energy is put into finding an internship abroad, Abroad Internships asks for a deposit. How this works can be read below.

The deposit is a form of collateral and is proof that you’re ready to be matched to your internship. With the official confirmation, we will send you your invoice, including deposit. As mentioned earlier, the deposit is 235 Euros. The deposit must be paid, before we start the procedure. After we receive your deposit, we will e-mail you to confirm that you have paid and we will officially begin the search. In the unlikely event that no placement is found within the given deadline, you will receive your deposit back, minus a 35 Euro administration fee.

Upon confirmation of the deposit you will be assigned a consultant.

The assigned consultant will contact you by e-mail to plan a contact moment. This can be via Skype or via the telephone. During the conversation with your consultant you can discuss your internship preferences.