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Roy during his internship in Brisbane, Australia!

Roy did his internship in Brisbane. A city that was a bit smaller than he had in mind. However, he had a great time and was in Brisbane just after the flood in 2011.

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Hey Roy, what did you think about the city?

The city is smaller than I had in mind. There is not a lot of stuff to do for tourists and they do not have a lot of highlights in the city. It is a quiet place with friendly people. I did like that fact that there is a lot of nature in the city.

What did you think about the internship?

The internship was good. The first few weeks were a little hard because I was a bit home sick. But at the end I look at it as a good experience, there were good and bad moments. The most important thing was that I had great colleagues.

What is the most special moment you experienced?

At the internship: to be honest, the whole period. I could work a lot of shifts and night shifts which I really liked. It was also strange that people get drunk fast and can be annoying.

In my free time; in my weekends I make a lot of trips. For example to Tangalooma, a beautiful Island where I could feed wild dolphins. But the most special moment will come later, after my internship I will go to New Zealand to travel for 2 months.

Any tips for other students?

Yes, I do have tips. Make sure you have some appointments for your accommodation upfront. It took me a while to find housing. Another tip: do not hesitate to go, the experience is the best I ever had!

What grade would you give the experience? (1 bad, 10 great)

For me the internship experience was a 7.5.