Rashiq during his internship in Kuala Lumpur!

"What I have learned from my experience abroad is that it is good to step out of your comfort zone from time to time. Kuala Lumpur is a fantastic place to go for an internship abroad."

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Hey! Who are you and where are you from? Where do you study/live/work?

Hey! I am Rashiq and I'm from the beautiful city behind the dunes: The Hague! Before that I have lived in Curacao for less than seven years, so I think that is a second place to live. I am currently studying at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and am taking a full-time study in Business Administration.

What was the first thing you thought when you arrived in Kuala Lumpur?

The first thing I thought when I arrived at KLCC was "Damn, this is much more modern than I thought". KL really is a beautiful international metropolis which really draws my attention to explore everything that needs to be explored. Would recommend 10/10.

What was the most shocking difference between the Netherlands and Kuala Lumpur?

The 24/7 summer weather! No, that answer is too easy. The shocking difference is that you can see old decayed buildings between the modern ones. My apartment building is new constructed but the buildings around it are quite dilapidated.

What does your daily work day look like?

My working hours are fixed from 9 to 6, Monday through Friday. I think they're great working hours and I always have something to do. The tasks I get are not too difficult, but very instructive and I think my team likes it that they have a trainee for once (I am the first trainee for the Business Development team).

How is the working atmosphere at your internship company?

This is really the best thing about my internship so far. I do not know if it is the same with other companies in KL, but in this company there really is an informal atmosphere and everyone is really close to each other. I remember addressing my internship supervisor for the first two weeks with "sir", until the Human Resource employee said that I had to act normal and just speak to him with his first name. Even the CEO and COO of the company are very relaxed in handling. People can also be serious, of course, but they also often make jokes. Sometimes it is as if I communicate with my friends!

Have you ever been homesick? How did you handle this?

The only time I ever really got homesick was the first morning when I had just moved into my new apartment. It was hard because I did not know anyone but I just did what I always did. I went to the gym, ate five kilos of food and went on to explore KL. That immediately ensured that I could focus my thoughts on something else.

Do you feel at home in Kuala Lumpur? Why (not)?

To be honest, this is a really crazy city. Public transport here works similar to the one in the Netherlands. With a Touch 'n Go card (same as an OV chip card) you get very far. It is also cheap here, so I eat very much, after which I have to hear comments about this bizarre eating behavior from my colleagues (OH MY GOD, you're eating again ??!). A Grab (type Uber in Southeast Asia) is super cheap here, so you do not really need a car and this is especially useful if you want to come home quickly after going out. The weather is super! And above all, the different cultures and constructions here are truly breathtaking. I could write this question full of everything, but if you think about coming to KL ... Do it!

Is there a typical local dish that you really can not eat (or really like)?

Because of the different cultures in KL you have a huge variety of different dishes, so I can not think of a good answer. What is strange, is that they throw red bean through various things, such as ice cream (???). But the strange thing is that I think it doesn't even taste that bad. Durian is a famous fruit here, you can already smell it from a few meters away and it feels like you are chewing on a piece of fat. It is not as if I will ever have a craving for it, but it is not very bad either. In short, just eat everything here!

Give us tips on who to become friends with abroad. The Russians? The Irish? The Chilean?

Everyone of course! If you like to hang out with someone then you can just become friends with them, I think. Because the company where I'm interning also employs people from all over the world you learn a lot of new things! During clubbing I even met some Dutch people and I often go out with people who usually come from countries in Europe or Asia itself.

Describe the people of Kuala Lumpur in three words.

Relaxed, friendly and helpful.

What did you learn from your experience abroad? Was it the beloved community that you liked? The cheap cocktails? The beautiful nature? Or was your experience less than expected? Details, we want details!

What I have learned from my experience abroad is that it is good to step out of your comfort zone from time to time. Kuala Lumpur is a fantastic place to go for an internship abroad. Once you are abroad, you can also check if you can visit other countries in that region. You are there anyway and the ticket prices are much cheaper than if you were to leave the Netherlands. Thanks to that I have also seen Singapore, Bali, Bangkok, Sydney and Hong Kong! The experience I had here was fantastic, both in terms of educational and personal development. Malaysia itself is also full of nature, so if you want to get away from the busy city of KL, then look for example to Cameron Highlands!

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur,