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Olga during her internship in New York City

Olga grew up in the east of the Netherlands and studied in Amsterdam and New York City. What did she feel? Read Olga's story!

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Olga in New York City: “I felt like a lucky little bastard.”

When I arrived in NYC to study for a semester, I felt so small and scared. The city felt enormous, the skyscrapers were huge and all the people seemed to be in a hurry. It was just as you know it from the movies and it felt unreal to be there, let alone, stay there for all those months. But it felt adventurous as well: something new and exciting was about to start. I would learn a lot, I was sure and what a chance to study in The Big Apple! Concluding, I felt like a lucky little bastard. 

Extreme way of living

In NYC I was surprised by the extreme way of living. No normal parties, only rooftop parties with endless bottles of champagne and a ride home in a limousine. Either eating was very unhealthy (fast food) or super healthy (where are the carbs?). And when a restaurant had good reviews, it seemed that half of the city waited in line to be seated there.

Phone plan

I subscribed to a very expensive phone plan whereby I could call home for free. I never called this much in my life. 

At home in NYC?

I didn’t feel as much at home as I feel in the Netherlands. Although, when I come back to visit friends and family in NL, it does not feel as much as home anymore as it used to feel. I was surprised that people wait so patiently in line at the front door of the bus when they want to enter. I do not know what stamps to collect at the supermarket. And I find it strange that everybody around me talks Dutch. 

Broad experience

Who to befriend? Hard question. True, cultures differ a lot among each other, but it is hard to tell what would suit you. Preconceptions can be very true, but not always of course. I would say, befriend both residents as people from other countries, as this will give you a broad experience. And watch out with people from your own nationality, because that's not why you did go abroad right?


Too much fried food.

Don’t be afraid of time

Biggest tip: do not think about the temporality of your stay and don't be afraid about the inevitable farewell. Short friendships are very intense at the same time and in the end, it's very handy to have friends from all over the world.

New Yorkers in three words:

Ambitious, exciting, open