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Erwin during his internship in New Port Beach, USA!

Erwin did his internship in the Sunny New Port Beach, California. For him it was a great experience where he learnt a lot and also had a lot of fun.

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What did you think about the city?

Fantastic, typical California, palms everywhere and right on the beach. The only downside was that you will need a car to go to the beach, but the city is just as nice to live in.

What did you think about the internship?

Best decision of my life! It will costs, but it is worth every penny. With a recommendation letter and the connection you make during the position you will be an attractive candidate once you enter the job market. I am also fluent in 2 languages what would be an excellent talent for my future job. The whole experience was just great!

What is the most special moment you experienced?

That is hard to say, Americans kept on surprising me. Pools, walk in closets are standard, everyone has a car, but the close the bars at 2 am and you cannot do anything if you are not 21 yet. I also did a few unbelievable things: experiences an earthquake, flew an airplane and went to an NBA match, amazing!

Any tips for other students?

The only complaint you could have is the time and money. A longer period abroad always comes at a difficult time. You have to quit your job, move out of your home and cancel all arrangements (phone, etc.). I also had a bank loan to go abroad, but I will do this again without thinking about it.

Start your visa application in time as well. You can have it in 6 weeks, but mostly it will take about 10 weeks.

And another tip, don’t pay all the attentions on your internship description you get upfront. I could do way more the daily tasks I knew about, it you are smart and willing to work the possibilities are yours, that is the USA.

What grade would you give the experience? (1 bad, 10 great)