Caroline during her internship in Málaga

Caroline spent a month in beautiful Málaga: "The first thing I thought when I arrived in Spain was; could someone pinch my arm? Is this real?"

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What was the first thing you thought when you arrived in Spanje?

The first thing I thought when I arrived in Spain was; could someone pinch my arm? Is this real?

What was the most shocking difference between the Netherlands and Spain?

The most shocking difference is the climate; it is 30 degrees during the day.

What does your daily work day look like?

My workday looks like this; preparing for work at 7.30 am, go to work by bus and once there install everything for the day. Usually I get an assignment from my employer Gonzalo. It's a lot of information. At 14.00 we are all having lunch. I'm going home again at 6 pm.

How is the working atmosphere at your internship company?

The working atmosphere at my internship company is very casual. The TV is on and Gonzalo often shows YouTube videos (one time of his holiday in Las Vegas for example and about the company activity where they got surf classes).

Have you ever been homesick? How did you handle this?

I will get homesick in the Netherlands when I come back (unfortunately).

Do you feel at home in Spain? Why (not)?

I feel at home in Spain, my Spanish is a disaster, but I am somehow still able to communicate.

Give us tips on who to become friends with abroad. The Russians? The Irish? The Chilean?

Tips about who you should befriend... with a person that makes you feel good, I think. Residents of Spain are passionate, friendly and hospitable people. Some things are cheaper here, but there are also things that are much more expensive. Public transport is really cheap here, a bus ticket to Málaga (45 km) costs €8, to my work (7 km) costs €1.20. Mouth wash like listerine costs € 8.