Step 4: closing

Once a suitable internship has been found, the final paperwork will be sent out. Abroad Internships will try to prepare you for your adventure abroad as much as possible.

Once the right internship has been found for you, the final paperwork for your school will be approved and you’ll receive an invoice. This is the rate that is specified on the website, minus the deposit.

After you’ve submitted the payment, you will receive a receipt of payment followed by a signed internship contract.

Finally, the remaining communication is focused at preparing you for your internship abroad.

This could include details about your visa process, accommodation, insurances etc. Do note that your personal consultant will be there for you, should you have any questions about any related topics. Keep in mind that there might be certain cases where you’ll need to take your own responsibility! You’ll find these on our checklist. But: if you need us, don’t hesitate to call.

Abroad Internships is looking forward to get you onto that awesome adventure abroad! This is why we ask every student to keep us updated about your experience with Abroad Internships. Only with your feedback we can continue with our service and optimize the experience. We truly appreciate your feedback, both during the procedure as throughout your internship, and afterwards.