Cities in Argentina

Choosing a country can often be difficult enough on its own. There are just so many destinations to choose from. It is useful to have a few predetermined cities that you can give us to work with before we start. Of course we will help you and give advice where needed.

You can indicate in which city you would like to do an internship. In the registration form (that will be send through e-mail) you can indicate which three cities / countries have your preference. Try to arrange these destinations in order from your most preferred option to the least preferred one.

If you have just one location, then you obviously only fill in this location. Have you not chosen a specific destination yet? Then you can leave the answer to this question vacant and we will try to help you make a decision that suits you best. We will keep multiple things in mind to make the best decision for you, including where we have the most/best contacts, open vacancies and the sector you would like to complete an internship in.

Below is a list of cities that are popular among students that have registered with us:

  • Buenos Aires
  • Mendoza

Please note that if the city you’d like to do an internship is not listed, then this is no disaster. We will then try to find an internship in the city/country of your choice.