Internship in Europe

An internship in Europe? Despite that this continent is our home, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot left to discover for those that are looking to go abroad.


Europe; the continent where our own country is located. An internship in a country far away might sound attractive, but there is no need to go halfway around the globe to find a country that is nothing like the Netherlands. Once you realize that on top of that, that this makes the process a lot easier since there is no need for a visa, then Europe becomes quite an attractive option.

Despite the large amounts of criticism aimed at Europe, it looks like Europe will only become increasingly united in future. International trade within the E.U. will increase and this gives you as a student a unique opportunity. Staff that is familiar with doing business abroad is in high demand. An internship in Europe can give you that little extra compared to you competition.

Europe is a diverse continent. Each country is different and we are there for convinced that Europe has a fitting destination for everybody.