Internship in Australia or New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are two beautiful countries and immensely populair amoung young people that want to live abroad for a few months.

Australia is the smallest country on earth. Australia is also the only country that covers and entire continent. The country has around 22 million inhabitants that live for the largest part in the coastal areas. Which isn't all that weird when you consider how dry the Australian outback is and the coastal areas contain some beautiful beaches.

Australia & New Zealand
Australia & New Zealand

New Zealand consists mainly of two large islands that are located around 2,000 kilometers south-east of Australia. The country has about 4,5 million inhabitants. The population originated for about 70% from Europe, which has resulted in many European traits. New Zealand is known for its beautiful nature and the many possibilities for sports and nature fanatics.

Australia and New Zealand are located on the souther hemisphere of the planet. This means that the seasons are reversed. Ideal if you need to do an internship during the winter and you'd like to flee the cold temperatures.

To see what is possible in each country, we advise you to take a look at the individual country pages.