Japan, also known as the land of the rising sun. This dense populated country has over 127 million inhabitants and has a culture that is truly unique on this planet.


Japan is a unique country with a unique culture. The culture can be found in most aspects of everyday life; architecture, music, work, art, you name it. A lot of students want to do an internship abroad to experience a different culture then the one they have at home.

If you are one of those students then you should definitely take a look at Japan. Japan as a country has a lot to offer to international students.

In case you want to follow an internship in Japan you will have to arrange a number of things. Abroad Internships will help you where it is needed.
The preferred city for an internship can be passed on in advance. Additionally, you can also specify multiple locations and choose an internship on the basis of the opportunities available at various locations.

The following information can be looked at in advance: