Internship in Africa

A continent with countless amounts of landscapes, dry deserts, dense tropical rainforests and vast savannas. In de depths of Africa you will find tribes that live like they have for thousands of years. Following an internship in Africa is exciting, refreshing as well as inspiring. An internship in Africa will change your life.

Africa is for the most part a poor continent. Pretty much the entire continent belongs to the so called Third World. Some people reckon all of Africa to the Third World, while others only count the countries to the south of the Sahara, with the exception of South Africa. Despite the poverty, you will notice that the people in Africa are jolly and friendly people.

Africa consists of 54 independent states. Despite that there are so many countries to choose from is one of those countries by far a favorite for students that apply at Abroad Internships. Almost all internship requests we receive for Africa are for South Africa. If you would prefer an internship in a different country than South Africa, then this is possible aswell. Contact us and we will see what we can do for you!