Jordy during his internship in Berlin

Jordy went to Germany to follow his internship in Berlin: "I feel at home in Berlin. I like the crowds and the big city around me." Read his story here!

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Hey! Who are you and where are you from? Where do you study/live/work?

I am from Landgraaf. I study People and Business Management in Sittard and I'm currently living and working in Berlin for my internship.

What was the first thing you thought when you got off the plane? (bus/train/car)

The first thing I thought was "What an immense city with lots of building pits!".

What was the most shocking difference between the Netherlands and Germany?

The biggest difference for me is that the people here are not as friendly as what I'm used to. A 'good day' to someone on the street is very normal for me, but here it's an exception. Although I think that is more because of the big city than of Germany itself.

What does your usual working day look like?

My work day starts at 9am and ends at 6pm. I spend the whole day doing the finances and gathering new customers.

What's the working atmosphere at your internship company like?

The atmosphere within our company is very open and loose. We are still a start up and I find the way of working very pleasant.

Did you ever feel homesick? How did you cope with this?

No, I have never been homesick.

Do you feel at home in Berlin? Why (not)? 

Yes, I now feel at home in Berlin. I like the crowds and the big city around me. I do think that the manner of contact would irritate me in the long run.

Wat there a typical local dish that you REALLY couldn’t eat (or actually REALLY liked)?

Berlin is really known for having the best doner and that is certainly true. What I do not like to eat is waldorf salad because I think that fruit does not belong in anything savory.

Please give us tips about who to befriend when living abroad. The Russians? The Irish? The Chileans? (Honestly, we want to know some gossip about other internationals you’ve met.)

The most important thing is to become friends with the original residents. They know much more about the city than you could ever find on the internet.

Describe the citizens of Berlin in three words:

1. Withdrawn
2. Very different
3. Multicultural

What have you learned from your experience abroad? Was it the lovely community that you liked? The cheap cocktails? The nature? Or was your experience less than you expected? Details, we want details!

My experience so far is very good. I learn a lot about the real work life but also about life by itself and that was my biggest goal to reach here.