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Fleur and her internship in Borås, part 4

Fleur is doing her internship in logistics in a real student city, south of Sweden, nearby Gothenburg. She’s telling you everything about her Scandinavian adventures. This time: her visit to the Netherlands and Valborg!

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The weeks and months are flying by. It’s already April and I already passed half of my time here in Sweden. During this month I’ve been back to the Netherlands for a bit and a few friends visited me in Sweden.

Going back to the Netherlands

The first weekend of April I flew back to the Netherlands. After a few weeks I explained that I needed to go there to retake two of my exams. Fortunately, this was not a problem and I went home for half a week. It was nice to be back in the Netherlands, even though I was mostly studying for my exams.

Easter break!

The Easter weekend was the nicest weekend of April. Two friends of mine came to visit me. Last time the public transport to Stockholm didn’t run that smoothly and so this time we went by car. It was quite a long ride (500 kilometers) so next time I am going by train again. In Stockholm, we rented yellow Vespa scooters to explore the whole city and surroundings. To end a perfect Easter weekend, we went shopping for an afternoon in Gothenburg.


On April 30th, Sweden celebrates Valborg. This is a traditional Swedish celebration to welcome spring. I went to Gothenburg together with friends to celebrate this party. Typical rituals during this party are the bonfires and the singing of spring songs. The singing didn’t really work that well, but the atmosphere with the enormous bonfire was very nice. I really enjoy being in Gothenburg because it’s just a bit bigger and more lively than Borås.


The city Borås keeps getting better as well. There are more activities like soccer games and food markets. The soccer club in Borås (IF Elfsborg) plays games on the highest level of Sweden. As soon as there’s a game, singing supporters are walking through the city. Throughout the wet snow storms, I sometimes also get to see the sun. As soon as it begins to shine, many more people come outside. I look forward to new activities in May.