Eline during her internship in New York

Eline got the chance to do her 5 month internship in the Big Apple: New York! Curious to read about all her experiences? Read all about it in this blog!

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Hello everyone!

I can't believe it's time for my first weekblog already! Actually, I arrived on Wednesday, so it's like a short week blog this time. So I started my adventure on Wednesday the 3th of January and I took the plane at 10h30, in Brussels. I was a little nervous but also very excited! To say goodbye to my parents and my sister at the airport was not so fun, but I knew that it was time to leave abroad for some months for me, and I was ready to go. It was an 8 hours flight and I watched two movies, slept a little and read some magazines. When I arrived, I had to go through the whole process of customs, which is taken very seriously in the USA. After that, I took a cab, together with my 4 suitcases :).

It was like a 50-minute ride to the place where I'm staying on Manhattan. When we drove into Manhattan, which was pretty clear with the big buildings and stuff, I was already very excited and couldn't resist to take a lot of (shitty) pictures. Once I arrived at the Webster Apartments, I checked in and unpacked my suitcases. I was really tired, as it was already 6 hours later in Belgium. I had a really long day and the only thing I wanted to do was to sleep, but that wouldn't be a good idea to sleep at like 3h30 already, so I just went outside and got some water at a little store in the street. Before my little trip outside, I facetimed with my mummy, and it was pretty good to see a familiar face. After that, I ate something in my residence and watched some Netflix and fell asleep really early.

Because of that, I was awake in the middle of the night and I didn't sleep that good. We could say I was pretty jet lagged. So I took an early shower and went for some breakfast downstairs. Later, I went to Kmart, a store in the street where you can buy anything. I bought some coat racks, towels, ... But it was snowing really hard and it wasn't very nice to be outside, as it was also freezing cold. So I got back to my room and decorated it, as it felt more home. After that, I facetimed with my mummy and my sissy once again. At 2pm there was some movie time at my residence, as they showed Pitch Perfect, I decided to go and watch it. Before that, I ate some lunch, and I got to know a girl from Switzerland. We watched the movie together and ate some popcorn and brownies. It was a relaxing evening with again, some Gossip Girl on Netflix (I have to watch it while I'm here, at the source, right? :).

On Friday, I decided to go to Times Square, it's like a 10-minute walk, so it's not that far. Once I was there, I asked a random guy to take a picture of me, because we all need a tourist picture on Times Square, right? :) After that, I went to H&M and bought some nice stuff, the sales already started so yeah, I probably had to do that. After, I walked to Bryant Park and saw the ice rink and the frozen fountain, proof that it was really freezing here. On my way back, I stopped at a nice salad bar and got some, to eat in my room with some Netflix. I facetimed with my brother for some time, it was really fun because he was in a bar and was drinking something, while it was only noon here :) After, I took a little nap because I still felt the jetlag in me and after that, I went downstairs to the little separate tv rooms  and I watched an episode over there. I heard some girls talking Flemish and that sounded nicely familiar, so I went to talk to them and we ended up watching a movie (A cinderella story with Hillary Duff, such a predictable movie, but also a nice one :) and eating some pizza (and when you order a large pizza in America, you have like 4 pizza's in Belgium or something like that :) living the American way? After I got to my room and chilled for some time.

On Saturday, I took the subway to the WTC and went into the Oculus, it's a very beautiful architectural building, with some shops in it. I waited some time in there, because it was already the second time that my phone suddenly went from 80% to 0%, probably from the cold. So I (and my phone) had to warm up a little. But I took a power bank with me so that was fine. After that, I got a hot chocolate at Starbucks (much better and cheaper here). And then, I went to the Louis Vuitton exhibit (Volez, Voguez, Voyagez). After waiting in the ice cold for an hour, we went inside and it was all worth it, so many beautiful bags and it was also very nice to get to know the whole history of the brand. I took a lot of pictures, and I'll put some here, but you can see the rest on my Instagram. After the exhibition, I took the subway back home and chilled for some time. I also got to facetime my mum again, because from next week on, that's not gonna be possible anymore. I start with my internship on Monday, so we have to take advantage of that and facetime as much as possible now, right? :) 

Today, it's Sunday and I think I'm going to Central Park and just gonna walk for some time. And tonight, at 8pm I'm gonna watch the Golden Globes at my residence, so that will be fun! Tomorrow it's my first day of my internship so I'm very excited. I will tell all about that next week!

Bye xoxo


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