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Crystelle during her internship in Sydney part 2!

Crystelle’s celebrating New Year’s Eve in Sydney and afterwards flies to Cairns for her big Australia trip! Read her story here:

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New Year’s Eve in Sydney - By Crystelle

Yesterday afternoon we left for Strictland Park, above Milk Beach, with a whole group from the house. From here you have an amazing view on the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, the Skyline and the harbour. Comparing this to other events in the city it wasn’t even that expensive: 35 dollars. Then you’d have to bring your own food and drinks for the entire night AND sit on a blanket on the grass, but that’s exactly what made it so cosy.

The fireworks were fantastic, of course! I tried to film them but it doesn’t at all show how beautiful it really was. But secretly I maybe even liked the pink/purple sunset on the harbour, with all the lights and boats, the best. The Harbour Bridge itself was, for the occasion, lit up as well. It’s already picture perfect, this city, but this night it looked especially grand.

Everything went so fast

So there I was, already at the end of the year. Everything went so quickly. Even now that I’m staying longer, I’m sure that I’ll say the exact same thing when I go home.

Next to this, I said to one of my friends yesterday it’s too bad I’m only 21 and already experienced the most beautiful NYE of my life! It’s definitely going to be hard to top this one!


That’s not only the fireworks above Sydney’s - those that I only knew from tv - doing, but it’s also because on the first day of the new year I immediately got to get on a plane to Cairns. So that’s where I’m typing this story now. In the Giligans Hostel. I didn’t know what I walked into when I entered the hostel! The entire place is a kind of pub/club, where, coincidentally, you can sleep too. I’m in a room with 8 girls so it was instantly fun.

Just walked into the town for a bite to eat on a Boulevard terrace. Tomorrow I have no plans, but the day after I’m going to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, the day after that I’m going to visit the rainforest, the day after that I’m going to go skydiving and then it’s on to the next stop: Mission Beach.