Consultant Lynn during her time with Abroad Internships

After two years, consultant Lynn is leaving the mothership of Abroad Internships to go on her own adventure abroad! Curious to how she experienced working here? Read her blog!

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What do you find more important: see many different places or get to know one place very well?

There are still millions of places on my to-visit list, such as the Bahamas (swimming with pigs), but also Canada (nature), Australia (more nature!) and South America (world wonders). However, when I look back at my own internship in Oxford, it has also been a truly unforgettable experience and I am still so in love with that city. I think I will go for ‘get to know a place very well' as you become fully aware of the place, the people and everything that happens around you.

If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

If I would ever were to write a book, it would be one with photos and stories that I gathered during a trip. Perhaps something like One Year on a Bike. I like to make everyone enthusiastic about adventures abroad - whether it is an internship, trip or vacation! Going abroad (and leaving your comfort zone) brings you so much! And it feels also so good to come home afterwards.

If you could choose, would you rather take a trip by raft from Peru to Polynesia like Thor Heyerdahl or would you like to make a world trip by air balloon à la Piccard and Jones? And why?

A world trip by air balloon! Not only because it looks so cool from the ground (Bagan in Myanmar or Cappadocia in Turkey) but also because you can see EVERYTHING. It seems amazing to be on a raft too, only I have zero sailor skills and I would see myself getting totally lost on the water haha.

What was the most memorable situation of your time at Abroad Internships?

It is difficult to pick only one! The student I remember the most, is one of the first ones I helped. She wanted to go to England but at the time she was not that strong in her English skills. Which made it almost impossible to find a company that could host her for an internship. In the last week of the set deadline, there finally was a company that wanted to offer her the opportunity. She had an unforgettable time (from what I understood from her stories) so that was a huge YAY moment!

A second thing was when I was able to supervise our own intern here in the office. He also helped several students on an internship! So cool :-)

Which student who got an internship are you most jealous of and why?

There have been so many lovely students who went to the best places! Maybe I am most jealous of the student who started her internship in Oxford last September because that really feels as my own town. But also on Iris (blog!) who flew to Toronto in February 2018, Luca (blog!) who left for China in May 2018 and the girls I visited in New York in September 2017. If only I could do an internship everywhere…

If you are going on a trip, are you more interested in nature or culture?

A bit of both. I will be traveling to Asia soon and know from my previous travel experience that there’s a stunning nature but also amazing and welcoming people. And of course the travellers you meet during a trip are from all over the place. In the end I think I will go for culture, as I like to see how things go in a different way from what I am used to in the Netherlands.

Soon you'll be sipping cocktails on white sand beaches on some far-away tropical island. While sitting there, what are you gonna miss about your time at Abroad Internships?

The nicest colleagues or all time! But really, I'm going to miss you guys.

Which top three items do you need to take along on every journey / trip?

A (video) camera, tons of curiosity and a jar of Nutella (just in case).

Since you enjoy music and festivals so much, what songs / type of music do you listen to while traveling?

Really everything! During long bus/plane/train trips I often play a coffeehouse playlist. It depends both on my mood and what is popular on the location at that moment (songs that you constantly hear and eventually start to appreciate). I have a song to go with almost every country I've been to (which reminds me of that journey) so who knows what songs will be on my playlist soon!

If the sky is the limit, what is the most crazy thing you would like to do in the future? 

Leave everything, buy a tuktuk, adopt a dog and travel through ALL countries. I came across a similar story in a Vespa museum in Italy and thought that was SO cool!

You have helped hundreds of students finding their dream internship abroad. How do you look back at your time at Abroad Internships? 

I am really grateful that - in the past two years - I was able to learn and experience so much in such a fun and varied workplace. I am lucky to have helped so many students and companies, joining fairs and congresses, giving presentations, attending information evenings... In addition, I also planned several visits to London that made me see what I was actually helping students with. Of course not to mention that the Abroad Internships office is located in the centre of Utrecht, 10 minutes from my house :-)

What are you most proud of at Abroad Internships?

That I have been able to help so many students on an adventure abroad. It is so cool to see and experience how students become aware of their growth as well. In the past year, I was able to collect various blogs (online!) From their stories you really get the feeling how good it is to push your boundaries. It's really cool that I have been able to contribute to that!

Where do you not mind waiting?

At the airport! Schiphol is my favorite place to be, even if I do not travel myself. Always fascinated by the people arriving and leaving!

What is the stupidest thing you have done on your own free will?

Quitting my job at Abroad Internships!